Crimson Scourge - SWEMPIRENJ

A Farewell To Arrs

So Kinon thinks he can fill Captian Jubrey’s shoes. He stepped up without so much as a peep from the rest of the crew. Can’t say anyone looked excited ‘bout it neither, though. Seems like a good fella’ ta me. Hopefully he’s as confident with his mouth as he is with that sword of his. Never been a fan of swords. I always seemed to break em’.

We ‘ad a message waiting for us on Captain Jubrey’s personal channel when we got back to the Scourge. Cap’n Jubrey usually set up all our jobs for us. The ones that weren’t just boarding and stealing from ships, that is. Message was from a Hutt named Triloc. Wanted us to go to Nar Shadda for some kinda’ meeting. Suppose they didn’t know about Captain Jubrey and all. We decided it would be a good idea to check it out, so we set course for Nar Shadda.

Some of the crew split up once we hit the ground fer’ some shopping in Ulwan Bacheetska. Kosh wanted to pick up a new weapon, if I remember correctly. Rich, Leko, Kinon, and myself figured we’d find a bar. I think Kinon was tryin’ to find out some information… I just wanted to drink. Wound up being a waste, though… wasn’t even halfway through that drink when our coms went off.

The crew had walked into the middle of a deal gone bad and it wasn’t long ‘fore Rivas was hit and there was a mess in the street. By the time we got there, there was a bunch of bodies on the ground and a Trandoshan with a maimed leg. The big lizard had a mouth on ’em and sent his goons over to try and intimidate us. One of the girls even tried to heal that bastard’s leg. Rich tried to reason with the wank, but I wasn’t havin’ non of that, especially with the twins in danger.

Turns out that Trandoshan was some bigshot arms merchant named Thamoss. No matter, big shots die just the same as everyone else. We wound up scoring some crates of guns from those smugglers though. The worst part is, someone shot me in the back and ruined my favorite shirt. Must have been one of them thugs. Bastards.

The crew eventually did some shopping and we got to that Hutt’s place a bit late. She wasn’t so happy that we were late, but she gave is a job just the same. Didn’t even put up much of a fuss that the cap’n was gone. The Hutt gave us a job to track down a fella’ named Rugor the Red that owed her some credits. The bloke’s shipment was easy enough to find, and we took that ship without even breaking a sweat.

Now that we had the goods, we decided to track down Rugor and see if we could get him to pay up as well. We pretended to be delivering the goods, and marched right into Rugor’s place. Kinon and I walked into that bloke’s office…. unfortunately Kinon folded under the pressure…. and it doesn’t look like Rugor is going to cooperate.



Wooo… That was close…

A Farewell To Arrs
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