Crimson Scourge - SWEMPIRENJ

Dead Man's Chest

He was a good captain. Sometimes he lost his temper, sometimes he drank a bit too much, sometimes he didn’t quite think things through enough…. but he was good. Good as a pirate can be, that is. Can’t blame him though, none of us saw it coming. When we boarded that merchant ship, we thought it was gonna’ be a breeze. It wasn’t… And good ole’ Captain Jubrey paid the price wiff his life. We made that bastard merchant captain pay though. If it were up to me, I would have pulled all of his limbs off like a child sometimes does a spider and let ‘em bleed out. They crew was too angry, though, and sent him to the locker before I had my way. Our haul was a decent one, but it wasn’t worth the captain’s life, no sir.

We were cleanin’ out the captains quarters when we came across that holorecording. He had some nice things to say ’bout us, left the ship in our hands, and told us that we had to choose a new captain for ourselves. He also gave us his last wishes. Said he wanted us to retrieve his hidden treasure trove and deliver it to his daughter, Jubressa, on Mon Cal. Without so much as a peep, we knew what we ’ad to do. So we set course for Vodran.

Once on the surface, we found ourselves in a rundown cantina. Can’t say I remember the name of it, but I never forget the name of a fella who gives me a free drink… Rako Gev was the name of that there bartender. Nice fella, he was. Didn’t take long to find us a Wookiee tracker named Lowhhrick. He was a bit banged up, but told us that he would help us if we could out-drink him. Poor fella didn’t know what he was getting himself into. No one out drinks the likes of me. Rich Grim thought he’d give it a go as well. Tough little fella he is. Hung in there for a while ‘fore he passed out. Poor soul didn’t feel so well after that.

Didn’t have much trouble finding the cave with the wookie’s directions. There was some sorta puzzle at that there cave. Puzzles ain’t my thing. Makes me head hurt. Kistra figured it out real quick. Smart little girl she is. The captain woulda’ been proud. Inside the cave, we found what we came for. The treasure, as it turns out, was not only left for his daughter, but it had things for us crew as well. Who’d a thunk that good old captian Jubrey woulda thought of us like that. Most of the crew got trinkets and gadgets and whatnot. Captian left me a ticket to enter a gladiator competition on Geonosis. I reckon I’ll have to win it for ’em.

Jubressa was sad but not surprised to hear ‘bout her father. She was grateful that we carried out the captain’s wishes and bid us farewell.

Not sure where we go from here. There’s some arguing goin’ on amongst the crew ‘bout who’s gonna take over as captain. Don’t want no part in that. All I want is to break some bones and drink some ale. Take what you can, give nothing back! All hand hoay!



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